Chehlum Safar Udaipur 1435H.

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This was the most awaited moment for udaipur toloba. A miqat for which almost every mumineen of Udaipur was eagerly waiting. And after a long time Udaipur got this azeem sharaf of Chehlum of Imam Hussain A.S. being observed here with AQA MAULA tus.

It was a challenge to make this event a great success and the time to put together all the past khidmat experiences and workout this challenge. Almost everything was to be performed by the team and members were assigned as the heads of different departments to accomplish various tasks with the help and support of Toloba teams from other cities and various other committees.

A survey of the houses of mumineen was conducted by the team before the miqat for accommodating Qasreali and Kothar. Transportation was arranged for them.

Members were authorised to issue the Qadambosi passes. Masjid Tazeen, ITS Scanning, Relay, Nazafat, Qadambosi Bethak, Ziyafat Tazeen, Stage Decoration and various other khidmats were taken care of.

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