About Us


With the early attempts of performing khidmat, the dawn of 22 Zilhaj 1426H. brought a revolution when few khidmat guzars of Udaipur united to seek the happiness and dua mubarak of Aqa Maula tus and took the initiative to get established as TOLOBA-UL-KULLIYAAT-IL MUMENOON.

It was the day when some members whole heartedly joined hands with the sole intention of performing khidmat of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA.

Since then, Toloba never looked back. It had been actively participating in various types of khidmat. And today, Toloba is very well distinguished in jamaat and mumineen of Udaipur.

The consistent efforts and participation in various khidmat lead Toloba to be the most active committee of Udaipur and plays a major role for Udaipur Jamaat. The perfection stands for the khidmat of wajebaat every year and ITS related assistance to mumineen throughout.

The greatest achievement for Toloba was when Aqa Maula tus gave the platinum gift of words stating “Toloba tame ghana mazboot cho” in the Ziyafat sharaf.

The members of Udaipur toloba araz shukur sajadat in hazrat imamiyah for granting the opportunity and are highly privileged and feels motivated and encouraged to perform every type of khidmat.