Hygiene & Cleanliness of Mumineen’s Mohallahs

An attempt was made by Toloba to spread awareness among the mumineen on Hygiene & cleanliness of mohallahs and surroundings. Moayyedpura mohallah was chosen where around 250 mumineen resides. It was cleaned and colored by toloba members, and new plants were planted outside Moayyedpura Masjid. Dustbins were allotted and mumineen were encouraged to plant more and more trees in the locality for the clean and green environment. The attempt proved to be very successful and completely changed it into a beautiful mohallah.

Exhibition on 98th Milad Mubarak

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On the auspicious occasion of 98th Milad Mubarak of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (R.A.) Udaipur Toloba Committee organized an exhibition in cooperation with the students of Taiyyabiah School for different Zareehs and Qubba Mubarka of Hudud Kiram around the World.

Mumineen attended the exhibition which was held at Madarsa Taiyyabiah School..

The aim was to encourage the mumineen to go for different ziyarats of hudad kiram around the world.

E-Jamaat Card Verfication

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A very important & necessary khidmat i.e. the E-Jamaat card verification camp was held in Udaipur. A complete survey was undertaken and a camp was organised in madarsa taiyyabiah school for verification. Different sections and blocks were made where various tasks like data collection , blood group checking, taking photographs, etc. were taken care of so that mumineen can get everything regarding verification under one roof.

96th Milad Mubarak Function

A fantastic drama and fun show was organised by Udaipur Toloba , which was based on day to day lifestyle of mumineen in which what they actually do and what they are ought to do towards deen and dawat.

A programme was presented by students of Taiyyabiah School for awareness of parents about what their student do when they study in convent or any other school and what a student of deeni school do in his daily life to promote admissions of mumineen children in deeni school. Funny games were played by ayaan ul jamaat.