Toloba Premier League Udaipur TPL CUP 2017

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The TOLOBA PREMIER LEAGUE is a professional Cricket league in Udaipur contested during the Milad celebrations of Dr. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) organised by Udaipur Toloba.

TPL became the first sporting event of Toloba whereby 8 teams from varied regions participated and the TPL cup was won by the ‘SCORPIONS’ team of Rajkot.

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Award Ceremony

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The Teams & The Players of Toloba Premier League Udaipur 2017

Toloba Premier League Udaipur TPL CUP 2017 Promo

Fun Fair 2013

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At the time of grand celebration on the occasion of 102th Milad Mubarak of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (R.A) for the first time in history Udaipur Toloba organized FUN-FAIR for mumineen & farzando. Various stalls were arranged for shopping , food & fun games. Janab Aamil saheb visited the stalls and enjoyed the games.

sports & other related activities were performed and lucky draw gifts & prizes were also distributed on the hands of Janab Aamil Saheb.

Treasure Hunt

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A Treasure Hunt was organized on the occasion of 100th Milad Mubarak where 16 teams played the qualification round having 4 members each. This round was played in Bohrawadi, the Bohra center of Udaipur which started at Luqmanji Saheb Mazaar Sehen.

4 teams qualified for the final Treasure Hunt. The Hunt was planned in such a way that it was played round the city which started from Qadeem Darul Imarat & ended up at Luqmani Masjid Compound, Khanjifeer.